Camera in the Car


I always try to keep my camera in my car.. I never know when I'm going to come across something cool, like I did the other night.  I had a friend in the car, and we were talking about cameras and photography, and why I enjoy it.  I was explaining that it is a fun way to get out and explore and have a reason to explore.  As I continued to drive, we drove through a fairly shaded section of road and then passed this field on our right.  I immediately stopped the car, it really couldn't have been a better opportunity for a picture.  I had my camera in the backseat, hopped out of the car, snapped a couple pictures, and took a moment to appreciate the world we live in.  The sun was setting and creating beautiful colors, so we left quickly to go see if we could find another area for the picture.  I had taken a road on the way home that night that I would never normally take, and it paid off.  This was just great, unexpected timing on our part.